sosnov.vladislav 1 week ago • updated 1 week ago 1

I use this extension because on a 1440p monitor, to have chrome maximized makes pages unreasonably wide. I got the screen in order to have a longer vertical height for work, while keeping widescreen for other applications.

As a result, I size chrome to leave about 300 pixels of desktop visible on each size, but touching the top of the screen and the taskbar. The only problem is, every time a new chrome window is opened, it opens with about a 15 pixel offset downwards and to the right. Eventually the windows open with too much of the viewport off-screen, and the window set far right.

I simply saved my custom size+position as a single preset, but I still have to click the icon (set to cycle presets) to get a new window sized right.

Can you make it so a preset can be automatically loaded on new window load? Perhaps, it must be named "default" or "autoload" for safety, in order to trigger the function. This would be helpful and I'm sure web devs will like it too, opening tons of new windows wanting a specific size, but their positions all being shifted as windows/chrome does automatically would get very annoying.

Best regards and thank you for making this extension!

I will gladly send a small donation if this feature is implemented, if that's somehow possible. These devs working for free making everyone's life easier are very appreciated!