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Let me know what the current size is

Jonathan Baker-Bates fa 4 anys updated by LfkPdl fa 11 mesos 3

When I set a screen size, then go back to the plugin, there is no indication of what the current selection is (at least, I can't see it). Basic UI design principle: show the selected mode and persist this until changed.

Under review

Hi Jonathan,

Here's another principle: display reliable information or don't display it at all.

Using the API currently provided by Chrome, it is not possible to implement this in a reliable way, that's why I chose not to do it at all. In the 7 years this extension has been available in the store and out of the ~600.000 users it has, you are not the first one to suggest this feature and, like many times before, I can only promise that I will look into it again, see if anything's changed and if there's any way to hack it.

Best Regards,


P.S.: Just as an example of the intricacies this feature presents, imagine the following:

- You have a Window(1) with 3 tabs

- Tab(2) has the developer tools opened

- While Tab(1) is focused, you apply a Preset(A) which sets the viewport to 1280x720 and you store that information Tab(1) = Preset(A)

- Now you switch to Tab(3). What should happen when you open the popup? Should any preset be selected? Tab(3) should be exactly the same as Tab(1), so it makes sense to display the same preset as selected. That means maybe we should maybe store the selected preset at the window level so forget that Tab(1) = Preset(A) and just remember that Win(1) = Preset(A)

- But now you switch to Tab(2), which, remember, had the developer tools open. That means the viewport of Tab(2), although in the same window as Tab(1), is smaller than the selected preset. This means that we can't display Preset(A) as selected while on Tab(2). This means that we can't rely on storing the selected preset at the window level.

- How about we don't store it at all and just see what the window/tab size is for the currently focused window when the popup opens? Ok, let's try that!


- We set the height of the viewport on Tab(1) to 600, using Preset(D). Let's assume that this makes the viewport 600px tall and the window 640px tall.

- We have another Preset(C) (that's before D) that targets the window and makes it 640px tall

- If we click on Preset(D), which preset should appear as selected the next time the presets list is opened? Since we previously decided that we won't tie a preset to a window or a tab, we must rely on measurements, but the measurement matches 2 different presets and the one we clicked on is the second in the list. So, even though we'd click on Preset(D), the measurement would say that Preset(C) is active.

Like I said, I can't find a reliable way to display the preset that matches the current window/tab combination!

Hello and thank you for your work on this extension!

I would love to see the current window/viewport height and width values independently of the preset selection. In the situation where I resize my browser manually with my cursor and want to know my current window size, can the "(current)" values be presented as integers along with or replacing the "(current)" text?

My apologies. I found where this feature is: 

1) Click far upper right chevron icon  (<<)

2) Click toggle the resize tooltip icon ()