"Viewport" resizing option are not working

Frederico Knabben 7 years ago updated by Ionuț Botizan 7 years ago 2

None of the "Viewport" resizing option are working for me. Only "Window" resizing.

It either does nothing or resizes wrongly.

I'm on MacOS X Mountain Lion with Retina.

The same happens with me. I'm using Google Chrome 29.0.1547.76, from Ubuntu 12.04. It won't resize browser window at all.

It was working perfectly fine before. My guess is something related to latest Chrome versions.

Currently most of my presets will resize to 400x200 or [w-400]x[h-200]. My usual presets are 1024x768 or 1366x768.

I am also using OS X (10.8.5) on a Retina MacBook Pro and Chrome 30.0.1599.66, though that doesn't seem to be the only affected setup according to Leonardo…