Safari version?

brightpavilions 8 miesięcy temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez 🅿︎🅹🅼 3 miesięcy temu 1

Hey there,

I love this extension and use it all the time to test my designs on different viewports However, I'm someone that prefers to use Safari as my main browser and I also like to test across browsers. 

WIth the release of Safari 14, Safari web extensions, support the same JavaScript APIs that other browsers use in their extensions. Apple is shipping an extension converter to let you port your extension quickly. When you run it, it’ll tell you if everything is going to work as expected. You can then package it in an Xcode project, sign it and submit it to the App Store.

Is this something you would consider doing? I'd gladly pay for it! Thanks!

I am also willing to pay for a safari version. I need this, please!