Resizing to wrong position

sebastian 1 year ago updated by Matheus Bertassi 8 months ago 1

My monitor is 3840x1600 and I'm trying to resize Chrome on Windows 11. 

What I want to achieve is being able to set the window to 1920x1080 to make proper video recordings, however, your extension is always setting the whole window to the wrong size (no matter if I would want to record only the viewport or the chrome window itself).

In my case, for the 1920x1080 it get resized to:

Viewport: 1912x964

Window: 1912x1076

This is so sad because I loved to use this extension.

I also tried another windows tool called "Sizer" and I noticed that this tool does the same thing wrong. So I think that this issue is not so much related to this extension but windows itself. However, we need to find a solution for this because larger monitors are coming and this extension should work there. So let us collect information on this issue here.

I had to change pixel by pixel by hand. EX: 1379x775 = 1366x768... I'm loving the extension, but this is annoying