Not a bug

Разрешение монитора по высоте учитываться не должно!

Антон Павлов 8 year бұрын updated by Ionuț Botizan 8 year бұрын 1

Если выбранное разрешение окна превышает высоту дисплея, надо как в старом варианте обрезать край окна, а не выводить тупые предупреждения о том, что не хватает разрешения монитора по высоте!

Not a bug

Hello Anton,

I don't speak Russian so I used Google Translate - I hope it got it right.

My guess is you're using the extension to manage your windows across the screen (many other users do the same, that's why I think you're one of them too). However, the main purpose of this extension is to help web developers test the websites they are building at certain fixed dimensions so it's important for them to get the window at just the right size, not the minimum or maximum allowed by their screen size. This is why the new version cancels an impossible resize action and warns the user that the request couldn't be completed (and gives a hint on what could be done to fix that). So, for the purpose of the extension and the majority of the users, the new behavior makes more sense.

I'm sorry, but, for now, you have only one option: edit the presets to be no larger than the size allowed by your display. I'll consider adding an option to use the old behavior, but that is definitely not going to happen when the first official stable release hits the webstore.

Best Regards,


P.S.: I'm also considering creating a separate extension, aimed specifically at managing your windows' size and position across the screen, but, again, that wouldn't happen in the near future (if ever).