Current version doesn't resize correctly

Andrew Hunter 4 years ago • updated by Ionuț Botizan 3 years ago 3
This tool has worked flawlessly for me for years, but the latest version isn't working.  Clicking on a preset in the dropdown occasionally does nothing.  If I do get it to respond, it sometimes resizes to a very small box and sometimes resizes to a very large box, neither of which is the correct size.  Also, clicking the same preset twice in a row toggles between the small and large box.  There's a miscalculation happening somewhere, and it depends on the state of the window.

I took a screen capture to illustrate.  


You'll notice in the video that some of the resolutions work.  That is not consistent - sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, and it's dependent on the current size of the window.

Example reproduction:
1.  Open a Chrome window and resize it to 1395x859
2.  Click on the 1366x768 preset
3.  The final window size will be 1337x821

Note: 1280x800 has worked in every experiment I've tried

I'm on a Retina 13" MBP with Chrome 41.0.2272.104 (64-bit)



Should be fixed in v2.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. From what I can see in the video, it looks like the problem is only with the "mobile" presets, those that are trying to set a certain width and height for the viewport.
I'll look into it this week-end.
Meanwhile, could you please try forcing the extension to use a devicePixelRatio of 1, by going to the extension's settings and checking the "Ignore device pixel ratio" checkbox? (like so: http://screencast.com/t/jyEBUzTd)
Also, can you please try zooming the page to 50% and 200% and let me know what happens when you use the extension with zoomed in/out versions of the same page?

Best Regards,
I guess I only tried the mobile presets in my video, but it seems to be true for all of them.  Setting devicePixelRatio to 1 causes more of the presets to not respond at all.  The ones that do work seem to be a little closer, but it's still not perfect.  For example, 1280x1024 actually resizes to 1277x1020.

Should be fixed in v2.