Extension causes fatal error in Chrome Development Tools

credwards27 3 years ago 0

Recently, the Window Resizer extension began interfering with Chrome DevTools, causing a JavaScript exception.

The bug occurs when refreshing a web page when DevTools is open. The "Sources" tab within the "Sources" top level panel will no longer display any files after the refresh. When DevTools is first opened, the files appear as expected.

The bug has been confirmed to only occur when the Window Resizer extension is enabled.

The exception thrown is as follows, and can be viewed by opening a DevTools window for the malfunctioning DevTools window:


inspector.js:1515 TypeError: Cannot read property '_deferredScrollIntoView' of null TypeError: Cannot read property '_deferredScrollIntoView' of null

at Object.TreeElement.reveal (inspector.js:1849)
at Object.WebInspector.NavigatorUISourceCodeTreeNode.reveal (sources_module.js:869)
at Object.WebInspector.NavigatorView.revealUISourceCode (sources_module.js:737)
at Object.WebInspector.SourcesNavigatorView.uiSourceCodeAdded (sources_module.js:1003)
at Object.WebInspector.NavigatorView._addUISourceCode (sources_module.js:701)
at Object.WebInspector.NavigatorView._uiSourceCodeAdded (sources_module.js:703)
at Object.WebInspector.Object.dispatchEventToListeners (inspector.js:791)
at Object.WebInspector.ProjectStore.addUISourceCode (inspector.js:7408)
at Object.WebInspector.ContentProviderBasedProject.addUISourceCodeWithProvider (inspector.js:8029)
at Object.WebInspector.NetworkProject._addUISourceCodeWithProvider (inspector.js:8298)