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Show actual current resolution instead of `(current)`

Kenneth 8 years ago updated by Darrell Hale 3 years ago 2

In the green, quick resize area in beta, it should show the current resolution instead of `(current)`.

I agree with Kenneth about showing the current sizes, instead of just displaying " (current).".

In fact, I don't see the current size values listed anywhere, so there is no user feedback as to what the current size is. Is this info easily available, but I just don't know where to look for it?

Showing the actual current sizes provides immediate useful feedback to the user. It could remind them of the last standard size picked from the list of available selections, or what custom value was entered (either after manually resizing the window, or having manually entered a non-standard value via the plugin).

The current values could be shown in the parenthesis in place of "current" and still keep the current dark green format of the cell. Entering a new value could then display in the white box to indicate a change was entered.

Finally, it would also help with determining how much to increase or decrease the values when tweaking a window, especially to a non-standard size. The " (current) " display gives no indication to what new value should be tried. This relies on the user knowing from experience what are practicable values. For example, say the user wants to fit three windows size by side, with one almost 50% of the screen width, and the other two about 20% of the screen width. The user could first manually adjust each of the three windows, then use Windows Risizer to see what those current sizes were before modifying them to some exact values of their choosing to make the two smaller windows exactly the same width.

This could also help with the windows shadow problem. Once the user figures out the shadow width is for their system, they could adjust the displayed values by that known amount and/or verify that the current size has already accounted for the shadow width by showing a slightly different size is in use compared to using a standard size.