The iPhone resize is still much bigger than the actual phone

Jon Swain 10 years ago updated by Ionuț Botizan 10 years ago 6
The window seems massive compared to the real phone size in Chrome.
I second this - the newest version of Window Resizer does something weird where the resulting window is freaking huge. It has the correct aspect ratio, as far as I can tell, but it's many times the size of the actual display you're trying to emulate. This basically makes it unusable.
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The physical size of the device has nothing to do with its actual resolution. Pixels are smaller on the phone than on your computer screen. That's why the window is bigger than the phone but the displayed content is still the same.

Anyway, just to make sure I got your problem right, please try to re-size the viewport to 640x960 and answer me the following:
  1. when does this happen: when you re-size the window or the viewport?
  2. what size do you want the window/viewport to be and what's the actual size you get (as reported by window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight & window.outerWidth / window.outerHeight)?
  3. the window.devicePixelRatio value
  4. operating system
  5. screen resolution
  6. Chrome version

Thank you!

P.S.: Please make sure that you don't have too many extensions' icons visible in the top right corner of the browser. These can prevent the window from re-sizing to really small widths (it's a Chrome thing and I can't do anything about it). Here's how you can temporarily hide unnecessary icons: http://screencast.com/t/yaPilrYmreP
Hi Ionut - I just answered your other reply to the same problem I posted as a separate thread - see my answers there. But I want to add that even when I try the 640x960 resolution, the window is STILL so big that its bottom part is beyond my screen, so I cannot see what actual size it is. Clearly something is not working right when the re-sized window doesn't fit on my screen at a lower resolution but fits on my screen at the very highest resolution (1920x1080).
I should add that the very lowest option (320x480) is the only one where the resulting window actually fits inside my screen. However, choosing that same option repeatedly in the same window keeps re-sizing the window slightly, which reduces my confidence that anything is working correctly (including whether the width:height ratio is even correct).
Bump - is anyone working on this?