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Ionuț Botizan 10 years ago updated by Brenda Talbot 8 years ago 2
Hi all,

I recently started working on a new version of the extension, which is written from scratch. I know I said that before, but here's some proof that, this time, I'm actually doing it :)

The UI is not final, but that's approximately how it's going to look like. As you can see, there are going to be some new features and there's also going to be a "Free" and a "Pro" version.
All the current features and some new ones are going to be available in the "Free" version. The "Pro" version will be mostly about eye-candy and rarely used, non-essential features; basically, going "Pro" will be just another way of saying "Thanks!" instead of donating. :)

  • Everything in the current version
  • [NEW] Option to leave either one of the width or height unchanged
  • [NEW] Quick re-size form in the popup (as seen in the screencast)
  • [NEW] "Rotate" tool (that icon in the upper right corner)
  • [NEW] Support for high DPI screens, "retina" and others (SVG icons and better re-sizing support)
  • [NEW] The option to use a monochrome (grey) icon in the Chrome toolbar
  • [NEW] Multiple monitors support
  • [NEW] More granular, better explained, permissions, based on users' needs
  • (*) Some tiny ads in the popup (read more bellow)
  • (**) Anonymous usage data tracking
Pro has:
  • Everything in the Free version, without the ads
  • [NEW] User-agent spoofing
  • [NEW] Add custom tags to presets and the ability to filter them by tag in the popup
  • [NEW] Sync preferences automatically between different instances of Chrome using the same Google account
  • [NEW] Priority support for "Pro" users
  • [NEW] More customization options

Other features that might not make it in the initial release:
  • Set a zoom factor on each preset
  • Advanced info displayed in the popup
  • Error logger
  • Even more customization options

(*) The "Free" version will include some ads on that dark band beneath the resolution list (where you can read now "Get PRO to remove these ads and [...]"). There are NOT going to be any ads injected anywhere else. These are going to be plain old text or image (~ 256 x 32) ads displayed only in the extension's popup. No information about you will be collected or shared with any other 3rd party.
(**) The new version will use Google Analytics to track the way you use the extension. It will only track usage inside the extension, not pages you visit or any other stuff. For example, it could track which are the most used presets or how often you use the extension. Here's a tutorial from Google themselves showing how and why to do this: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/tut_analyt...

Looking forward to multiple monitors support! Thanks!