Under review

rhaps there's a way to disseems a bit confusing to display window size as well as viewport size. I'm using this to check how the pages I'm developing react to media queries, in which window size doesn't seem relevant... peable this feature.

Lee Dickholtz 9 years ago updated by Ionuț Botizan 8 years ago 2
It would also be helpful if this could post dimensions at top right corner of viewport when switching sizes... Otherwise lower right corner is often below lower edge of screen, therefore not visible.

It would be cool if this could 'play off of' the media queries in a page... displaying the min's and max's and allowing one to click on the bars to set to different resolutions. Would be nice to have option to gradually resize between various media querie breakpoints.

Yeah, I know... much easier to suggest ideas than to actually program them.
Title got truncated... I was saying there should be a way to disable the display of window size if wanted... really doesn't seem to add much to trying to figure out what the viewport resolution is.