Common and not so common 16:9 presets (720, 1080, 900) clear videos on youtube

Robert Hewlett 8 år siden opdateret af David Forcadell 2 år siden 1

Hey Window Resizer Team

I am crazy looking for a tool that could help on seeing youtube videos on proper viewports resolution. What I mean?

I mean that I can use the Window Resizer to set up my Chrome Tab to be 1920x1080 but the youtube video is not using the full TAB size, then the real video size it will be less, and then some wired rescalation of the video will be happening.

I would love to see the videos using one pixel from my screen to one pixel of the video, even if the video window will be smaller than my 4K resolution, but it will be perfect match without wired video conversions/reescalations. Is this posible?

I would love to have this feature! I think that this will make a difference with any other Resizer tools!


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