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Beta not working with W10 Display Settings custom text size

Michael Noble 3 years ago • updated by Scott Richards 3 years ago 6

errors as soon as size selected

I have a similar problem with both the production version and the new beta. I have my main monitor at 150% and a second monitor at 100%. When the browser is on the second window, the mouse is acting as if it is at 150%. On the production version it is still usable by watching what is highlighted instead of where the mouse cursor is. On the beta version it is unusable.

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@Michael, can you please provide more details. I'm not sure I understand what you mean exactly... Can you please let me know what Display Settings are you using and what exactly is the error? Thank you!

@Darin, I don't think your problems are related. What you are experience seems to be caused by this Chrome bug and I can't do anything about it. Sorry!

I think my problem is similar to @Darin. However, my main touch screen monitor is 100% (Text Size - 1080x1920 Portrait) and my 60" #2 & #3 8k (4096x2160) monitors are set for 150%. @Darin's description accurately describes my problem. Beta is unusable and Prod Ver. mouse position off - have to use arrow keys to select settings.

Monitor 1:

Monitors 2 & 3:

Also one other problem Prod ver.) - Chrome open on monitor 1 and select preset for monitor 3 Chrome opens in the middle of screens 2 & 3 not in proper position on screen 3.

I also am having trouble using both products with Windows 10. with default zoom = 200%

My native res is 2560 x 1440 on a Razer Blade laptop. The font is so small on a 12.5" display,(10.88' X 6.25") that I run the default text zoom at 200%.

I get unexpected sizes: no change or what looks like exaggerated size change (small window) on production ver. (Zoom related?)

  • Perhaps I just don't understand what I should be expecting, as there's no usage instructions included.
  • Do I need to change my res to match the target res? in addition to the pixel map - That would be only for exact size rendering right?


Beta did get my native size correct, 2560x1440

(Default text zoom @100% for these tests)

I don't understand these size relationships:

menu select | window measure

1440x900 = 6 1/4" x 4"

rotated: error height > allowed by res

320 x 568 - 2.8" x 5.4"

rotated 4.8 x 3.25" (568x320)

Window is longer at 568 than at 900 ??