View dimensions while resizing

dmsherrill 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 5

Would love to have the dimensions change while resizing the window rather than having to resize to view new dimensions. 

What you said makes no sense.

okay. Would like to grab the edge of window and drag to resize and have the dimensions change while resizing rather than displaying after the left click is released. 

Also, on the panel that comes up when u activate the addon.. do you not see the "Toggle resize tooltip" button? Its a letter "i" over what looks like ruler measurements. 

Well, it actually does that now. Go to the settings, and under "tooltip" you have to turn on "Automatically show the resize tooltip on all pages". For me it then shows the window AND viewport size live as I resize the browser window.

Thanks for the guidance, but it's not working for me. :(   fyi... I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and using Chromium.  Thanks again.