Can't reorder presets anymore

ClintW 1 week ago • updated by brown705 1 day ago 1

First I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan and constant user of Window Resizer. If I could have only three Chrome extensions (I currently have 38 in use, and some more that I activate occasionally), I think I would choose Pocket, LastPass, and Window Resizer, so you're in pretty good company.

Since at least yesterday, I can no longer reorder my presets in the normal way, i.e., to drag and drop them in Settings > Presets. I can drag and drop them there, but that action doesn't stick. If I close Settings, they are back in the same order as before I started, and the same is true if I go back into Settings > Presets.

I tried deleting the last preset I'd added before attempting unsuccessfully to reorder, and I still couldn't reorder. I then tried adding another preset and got the same results.

I did find a workaround for for reordering, by using the import and export functions and manually reordering the presets text file.

You should know that I have a lot of presets, 44 at the moment, which I'm guessing is more than average.

Thanks for taking a look at this if you choose to. Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.

I just found I have this issue too.  It is poking me in the OCD.